10 January 2008

Time Killing Game of The Week 

Things will get racked up again (very slowly) this weekend.

Here's your game. (It's the LSU National Championship version. If you read this blog back in the "old days" you know I've come a long way if I'm even mentioning that event with even the slightest bit of respect.)

It's been a really long week for me. Long days and weeks will be my problem with posting with any frequency or even regularity. I'm looking for help.

I'll have an email address up later soliciting this help.

(you may also notice that TKGOTW items will sometimes require downloads now. The internets have changed since I was doing this every day. It's harder to find delicious items that don't require exposing your computer to risks. I don't endorse any sites I link to. You download data at your own risk. I'm sorry. Maybe one day Oyster will tip me to all the secrets of the new World Wide Web.)

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