26 January 2008

Here WemblEy Come 

The Saints go marching in to London for a game on October 26th next season.

The Saints are the home team. What does the NFL have against letting the Saints play eight home games a year in the city of New Orleans?

And if I'm a season ticket holder and go to the game in Wembley stadium, will I have to pay extra for that ticket?

At least the Saints British Fan Club won't have to travel so far to see a game this time.

There's no word on how much a Bloody Mary costs at these games--or whether or not they even serve them--so I don't know if Jeffrey will want to go. I don't think the street car will take you to London, but I'm hoping I'll see him at the game anyway.

thanks for the heads up, jboo

Why the Cajundome? 

This is peculiar.

A teenager in custody tonight and facing federal charges, the FBI said a California teen used his parents credit card to fly to Tennessee, where he planned to fly to New Orleans, hijack a plane, and crash it into the CajunDome.

"It was my understanding he wanted to come and do this terror act during the Hannah Montana concert," said Greg Davis with the CajunDome. The scare came on the heals [sic] of one of the biggest concerts in the country.

"His main motivation was to commit suicide by hijacking a plane and flying it into the cajun dome [sic],

said a spokesperson with the FBI, who, along with the Sheriff's department met with Dome officials to make sure security was tight for Friday night's concert.

The teen who caused the scare was arrested in Tenessee [sic] with handcuffs, rope, and duct tape.

Officials said the teen has a history of abuse and mental problems, but they take the threat seriously, even though the chance of him actually getting a hold of the plane would be a longshot.

But, with such a high profile event, organizers have to take all threats seriously.

"Once we were informed we met with authorities. We take all threats seriously and once we knew everyone neutralized things would be fine," said Davis.

Officials believe the plot had nothing to do with the concert, and that it was just a coincidence that the teen idol was performing the same night as the threat.

I wonder what this guy had against the Cajundome . . . And why do the local sheriffs at the site of his arrest use rope and duct tape to apprehend someone?

I guess that would have been something of a bigger deal than that last concert disruption at our local arena.

More on the arrest at CNN. (And they clear up the rope & duct tape question. The teen was carrying those items.)

Late in the Game 

Things aren't looking up for Obama these days, so this video was probably funnier a few weeks ago when most people saw it first. However, I was just watching "Election" on cable, so I was reminded of this.

Hat tip to Greg, where initially caught this.

25 January 2008

Cold & Refreshing 

Keep these warm.

It's imperative that the harvest be strong so that Abita can produce plenty of this:

Yes, I may be a wuss for enjoying this so much. So be it.

24 January 2008


News of Bobby Jindal's fine for late campaign filing just doesn't really concern me. I don't find it hypocritical, nor a BIG DEAL.

Teepell said the Republican Party did not submit invoices to the campaign showing the expenditures on Jindal’s behalf. So, he said, there was no way of knowing for reporting purposes.

After the omission came to light, the money was promptly reported and the party started filing in-kind expenditure reports with the campaign, Teepell said.

Omissions of this kind happen in every election. Their perpetrators are hit with penalties and fines to prevent people from chronically misrepresenting their campaign contributors. That there was less money reported initially than the STATE GOP actually contributed to Bobby Jindal doesn't even break the surface of what matters when it comes to state office ethics laws. In the end it's rather a sad statement about our ethics laws in this state that public disclosure of campaign contributors is about the extent of the public's knowledge of what our elected officials are actually up to.

The ethics problem in this state is PATRONAGE. In the federal government it's PORK. Nationally and locally, if conservatives have one advantage over liberals it's that they scream about reducing the size of government. Everyone in any area of this country is sick of our elected representatives using government as a cash cow for their campaign contributors, friends, and--in the Gret Stet's case--their families. Even if 90% of elected Republican's don't give half-a-rat's ass about actually doing anything about this doesn't change the fact that "the public" intuitively understands that government on nearly all levels is inefficient and rewards people who are in one way or another "close" to an elected official all sorts of chances for a taste of public tax dollars. So anytime a Democrat or liberal talks about using public dollars to do more or less anything (even honest things) for the common good, most of us are generally suspicious and wary of it.

For all the nay-saying about Jindal's "dragonslaying", if any of us actually care about the future for efficient, liberal/progressive government in our state, we ought to be out there supporting and demanding legislative action on more or less any REAL ethics proposals Jindal's office asks of our state government in the coming special session. Liberal government very literally depends on the public's trust of the system. I didn't vote for Jindal (and here's a good example of why that is), and I'm never going to be an apologist for him; however, I don't see the value in undercutting future prospects for reform in this matter because of general opposition to a person or political philosophy. And I certainly don't think the failure to adequately disclose contributions made to him by the state Republican Party disqualify him from making honest-to-God reform in this state.

Okay, enough of the seriousness...

One good note from that Advocate article is that I was able to get the name of that press secretary I had been trying to find.

Jindal was flying to Washington, D.C., according to his press secretary, Melissa Sellers, who said he could not immediately be reached for comment.

Here's a picture that accompanied a Jeremy Alford piece about Bobby Jindal. It's not as flattering as the picture I had seen in that Advocate insert, but I'm still intrigued.

I know you're young and single, Melissa. So am I. Shoot me an email the next time you google yourself. I have a thing for Republican women. I can't help it.

Hat tip to dragon-slaying fun.

23 January 2008

Living in America 

I love when big-time acts get busted on their tour buses.

I can tell you what, this will never happen to my old neighbor, Cupid.

Whatever the case, Li'l Wayne's "I feel like dyin'" has probably taken on a whole new meaning with this experience.

Here's another instance of a musician getting busted on a tour bus that happened about a mile from my office.

Snap My Picture 

We got another round of red light cameras in Lafayette today. If you listen to local radio dolt Todd C. Elliott, you'd think we were a step away from jack-booted thugs busting down our doors and quartering British soldiers in our homes (sorry for the cached link there, but the KVOL website seems to be down at the moment). We Saw That has put a lot of time into this story, and taken in pieces and with a great deal of salt, you can put together a good rundown of the whole affair through the blog there.

My feelings are still mixed about all this business. At the very least, it looks like Lafayette chose a company that is virtually incapable of providing this in a way that's particularly fair or effecient, and they seem to posses zero desire to admit mistakes.

I'm not really moved by arguments that this a serious encroachment on my liberty; however, the idea of a municipality turning over it's civil and criminal duties to a private corporation based out of a foreign country for profit does disturb me.

I especially don't like these "Safe Speed Vans", though. They're ugly and quite distracting whenever I see them on the road. When I was in the crossfire of another driver getting flashed at night, I damn near drove my car off the road. My roommate already earned himself a $60 "invoice", but he paid it. We'll see where this story goes.

22 January 2008

So What? 

Apparently, Mitt Romney doesn't care what John Maginnis or the LA GOP thinks about how our state will award delegates to his convention.

Oyster's got more.

I've got to admit it. I don't understand this process. I don't understand how delegates are awarded. I don't understand who from Michigan is going to have a say in the Democratic Convention. I don't understand any of this. I just figured out how the Electoral College works like last month or something.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

Festival International has announced their lineup for this year's Big Party.

Honestly. This festival is the absolute best party my fair city has to offer. We're kind of lucky here. There's a lot to be proud of, and Festival International is at the heart of it. It's a free music festival spread out around our downtown area. We draw artists and musicians to "peddle their wares" from around the area and the rest of the world. If you came 10 years ago, you've missed out on a lot. This thing has grown so much, and it's still free. Come visit us.

Make plans now.

(I'm especially pumped about Festival International this year because I'm being forced to go to Savannah, GA during Mardi Gras. So I'm missing the other best part of the whole year.)

Welcome AhQuoi 

You may have noticed that last post came from someone else. This is my formal welcome to him and a brief introduction.

AhQuoi is a Lafayette native, but a New Orleans evacuee. The Federal Flood took more or less everything he had, but sent him out of the city with a lovely girlfriend who would eventually become his wife.

They're currently residing and working in Lafayette, but they are constantly on the hunt for suitable jobs that will allow them to relocate to the Crescent City.

AhQuoi is a man of many talents and interest. He's a great musician, electrical engineer, and is currently working for a local web and graphic design firm. I hope he'll feel free to post here as frequently as suits him.

As for those Haloscan comments . . .

I don't know what's going on. I see some in there, but for some reason they're not available to everyone.

On the Boardwalk 

This may be of interest to some SWLA natives...courtesy of the Independent
The nationwide search for two love-struck Michigan teens has ended after they were found yesterday in Holly Beach. Fifteen-year-old Gage Petherbridge and his 13-year-old girlfriend Hannah McConnell were frolicking with seagulls on the beach when an ambulance driver spotted the pair and notified the police.
Wow. I was under the impression that Rita ate what was left of this less than picturesque strip of LA coastline. Frolicking with seagulls...?

21 January 2008

Worth Watching 

I mentioned this new "Traditional" Neighborhood Development in a post on Friday, but I'm still not quite ready to talk about it in detail. However, there's another story about it on a local news station today. There are a few quotes here I'd like to get to eventually, though.

The first is from The Independent:

Daigle and company, who have signed a purchase agreement, plan to close on the property early this fall. They’re paying the Boustanys (Geraldine Boustany Ramsay and a limited liability corporation formed by her sister, Doris Boustany Reggie) $40 million, or $7.50 a square foot[.]


Last year the Boustany sisters, who sat on the property for years after inheriting it from their father, the late Frem Boustany Sr., paid about $360 per year in city and parish property taxes for 125 acres of what’s still assessed as agricultural property.

The second quote is from today's story on KLFY.

A new mixed use development is planned for Lafayette using the traditional neighborhood formula. Now developers also hope to implement a new tax plan for this location to help build public projects on the site.

I've got a lot of thoughts about this business. I'm not exactly opposed to any of these developments. In fact, I think they're quite compelling and positive additions to the city "on the whole". However, given "River Ranch's" success, I'm very wary of the freedom my city plans to give to future developer's plans for wide swaths of land in the parish.

Dept. of Unsurprising Items 

More "counter-protesters" than "affirmative"-protesters in Jena today. Also unsurprising, it looks like it was a counter-protester who got himself arrested, and not one of the white supremacists who marched into our central Louisiana town.

Police separated participants in the “pro-majority” rally organized by the Learned, Miss.-based Nationalist Movement from a racially mixed group of about 100 counter-demonstrators outside the LaSalle Parish Courthouse. There was no violence and one arrest, a counter-demonstrator.

Chants of “No KKK” from the mostly college-aged counter-demonstrators were met with a chant from the separatists that contained a racial epithet.

What was the racial epithet? Did they shout, "shut up, you pot-smoking crackers" at the "mostly college-aged counter-demonstrators"?

Hah, nice artwork from The Town Talk, too. The caption is the best.

Dennis Kees, of New Orleans but resident of Lasalle Parish now carries a rope shaped like a noose but claimed it was his dog leash.

... more

there was a decent story mentioning how "done" the Jena townspeople are with this whole mess in Sunday's Advocate. Missing from it is any discussion that maybe the Jena townspeople or La Salle Parish citizens should have said something to their local DA and/or their judges about the miscarriage of justice if they're so uncomfortable about klansman and long-haired hippies showing up into town to tell them about themselves.

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