02 February 2008

So this is what they meant about bringing young voters into the process... 

Obama ringtones were a bit of a surprise when I saw them available on his campaign website the other day. It was enough to send Bigshot an email noting said surprise, but not enough to post anything about it.

Now I see this kind of neat song composed out of one of his speeches (By the by, pervasive Scarlett Johansson in that video reminded me of the album of Tom Waits covers that she recorded in a Maurice, LA studio not long ago, can't wait to see how THAT turns out).

And yes, the title of this post is meant to be sarcastic.

What they're doing certainly makes a lot more sense than simply creating those idiotic candidate MySpace and Facebook pages and ending your "youth" outreach efforts there.

Anyway, I'll leave you with that while I make my trip to Savannah. I hope those of you in the southern part of our state enjoy your Carnival. I'm missing it already.

01 February 2008

Time Killing Game of the Week 

or the "Every Few Weeks"

Not the most interesting one in the world, but difficult to stop once you start.

31 January 2008

Smart, Attractive, & Well Paid. 

Jindal's spokesperson is looking more and more like my dream date everyday.

Among the bigger increases in pay from the Blanco to Jindal eras is for the press secretary. Blanco's chief spokeswoman, Marie Centanni, earned just at $72,000 a year. Jindal's top spokeswoman, Melissa Sellers, will bring in $85,000 a year.

She can pay for the beer at that Saints game in London in October.

Coming Up 

It used to be a focus here a long time ago, and I'd like to start getting more depth into the goings on about the Gret Stet of Loos-i-ana. So here's what I'd like to start posting about when I get back from Georgia at the end of next week.


The 1st and 6th Congressional Districts are up for grabs, and the elections don't stand to be of a lot of interest to the hard core Democrats that probably make up most readers to this blog, but the people who end up representing these districts in Congress will be very powerful people as far as the state goes. I'm going to try and educate myself about the folks running in these races to pass along some fun to those of you who may decide to stop by this little website. In the meantime, I think I need to update my blogroll and the rest of the sidebar. I keep putting it off. . .

Random Thoughts 

from tonight's debate . . .

Barack Obama is very handsome. Especially in profile. It's nice for him to underscore that he's "the man" and Clinton is "the woman" by pulling out Clinton's chair when they sit down at the beginning and get up at the end. It's a subtle reminder to the inner-sexist in all of us that men have certain roles and women don't. Did he pull this from the Clinton race playbook? Is he just genuinely polite?


It's too bad this writer's strike is keeping all these actors and directors out of work right now. I don't like seeing all those yahoos at the most important debate of the nominating process. It makes a generally "unserious" Democratic Party look that much sillier.


The lady from Politico.Com really doesn't seem to care much for Hillary Clinton. The Senator from New York did give a brilliant non-answer to the question about why I shouldn't have an opportunity to vote for someone other than a Bush or Clinton. Her answer about being able to control the First Gentleman should she be elected was less good, though.


WTF was James Bond doing there?

Oh, he's a naturalized US citizen. I wonder what M and the rest of the crew at MI6 think about that. At least he has a unique perspective on the path to citizenship the candidates addressed. I wonder if he had to wait at the end of any of those lines they talked about.


Everybody on Earth knew authorization vote was sending us to war. John Kerry wasn't convincing with that bullshit answer in 2004 and Hillary Clinton won't be able to sell it to anyone in 2008.


Hillary's hair looked nice today. I usually don't like her or find her particularly impressive, but she was good today.


Bradley Whitford lodoked like a tool when he stood up to clap real slow for a silly idea like Hillary and Barack running on the same ticket. I was reminded of Billy Madison asking him about "business ethics".

That's it for now. The debate was boring and the format didn't help too much. Wolf Blitzer sucks.

30 January 2008


He finished second in the Iowa caucuses that led off the campaign, but he was quickly overshadowed - a white man in a race against the former first lady and a 46-year-old black man, each bent on making history.

There's something about this statement that makes me very uncomfortable. I don't know what it is, but I'll try to figure it out and make some points about in the future.

The basics of what ails me is that the reasons for supporting/not supporting John Edwards has nothing to do with the color of his skin or the supposed "historical" nature of a black or female presidency and more to do with the fact that guy is no fighter. He can't represent me against the Republican noise machine. He's already failed at it as a Veep candidate. Despite his upsides as an "ideas man", I'm not ready to give him another chance, but I'm sad to see him go.

Oyster is all over this shit.


The media overshadowed John Edwards for their own purposes. My experience in watching the trash on television is that they didn't care about John Edwards. He wasn't out there demanding coverage and "fighting", but they've got their own story lines that generally only include "the black man" and "the woman" and their supposed uprisings between one another. He was overshadowed by the media and not "the public". We didn't have a choice. It had nothing to do with Clinton or Obama being "bent on making history", so much as the media wanting that to be the story. In the Democratic Party, most of us are more concerned about finding someone to put our country back on a realistic track towards sane, responsible government. I don't see a whole lot of the people in my (admittedly limited) circle clamoring for a "black" or "woman" President. We're not out in the streets organizing for an "historic change" in the office. Things just don't work that way anymore. We want competent leadership, if that person happens to be a woman or a black man, then good for us.

...More Update

Atrios pretty much nails it. I don't like him so much these days, but sometimes his concision is priceless. I'll quote it if you don't want to click:

Deep Thought

Maybe if Edwards had announced his exit from the race every week he would have gotten more media coverage.

The "media" pretty much blacked Edwards out over the last few months. I don't know why that is, but I will say that it MAY have something to do with storylines &c. I'm sorry he's gone, some of it's his fault and some of it's the "media's" fault. We'll figure it all out one day.

Or Bob Somerby will.


Sorry there's no posting today and yesterday. I'm heartbroken that 9ui11iani is out of the race.

Or I've just been drinking a bit too much the last couple of days, and I'm trying to get caught up at work to get ready for them to send me out of town on a holiday. I'll get some more posts out in the morrow.

Hope all is well out there.

28 January 2008

The Worst of Local News 

I saw this earlier today and I had a bunch of questions. A few hours later, none of them have been answered (quoted in full).

A Church Point man claims he was fired after four years on the job, because he complained about a racially-charged work environment. Gary Lemon claims some co-workers made racial slurs about blacks and even displayed what he believes is a symbol of hatred.

'It's just completely wrong," said Lemon as he talked about a rope hanging from a former co-worker's rear view mirror. Lemon believes it's a symbol of hate and racism.

"That's the thing that really hurts my feelings to see, if that ain't no noose, why do you have the object hanging in your truck and anyone can look at that and see what that really is, a noose," said Lemon.

Lemon claims the firing happened the day after he complained about racial remarks, but his employer said he was fired because there was no work for him.

The Church Point man knows he can file a complaint about his termination and he plans to do so, but according to civil rights experts, in most cases there's little he can do about a noose. "If it's merely to present an idea, it's constitutionally protected. If it's used to threaten someone, then it could be criminalized," said UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Rick Swanson.

In another case from just a few months ago, a teenager was jailed on hate crime and conspiracy charges in Rapides Parish after hanging nooses from his truck. The difference is, he was armed and drove past civil rights marchers gathered near Jena.

Ever since that case, noose sightings have been on the rise. "I think its all in response to basically very racially biased individuals attempting to show support for the white students that displayed the noose in Jena." said Swanson.

KATC tried to contact the owner of the truck to get his side of the story. He did not return our messages and was unavailable for comment.

Who did he work for? Is the suggestion that his employers let him go because, "there was no work for him" a statement they got from the employer, or was it the employee's version of what his employers told him? If this is a news story, shouldn't I be provided with the answers to these questions?

As for nooses, yes, they are a disgusting symbol meant by the person who displays it to mean one thing: "I am a hillbilly, cracker-ass, racist, and I may not know one damn thing about the history of lynchings, but I'm proud as shit of 'my people'. Go screw yourself if you don't think so." I don't think people expressing backwards hatred makes them a criminal, just stupid. I generally give these people the finger or get in front of them and drive EXTREMELY slow when I see them on the road. If I employed any of them, I'd fire them. That's what employers pay unemployment insurance for.

Is it possible that this Mr Lemon was fired because he expressed to his employer that he worked in a unfriendly workplace for black people? Yes, of course it is, but this story does nothing to shed any light on this. It's a story written from the perspective of a single employee at an unknown workplace. I don't get it.

Umm, so what? 

Was holding a big convention in New Orleans part of the promise George Bush made to the American public in Jackson Square in 2005?

The Bush Administration and Congress have appropriated about $110 billion worth of federal funds for recovery along the Gulf Coast since the storms. Bush recently announced he would seek an additional $5.7 billion as the federal share of enhancing New Orleans area hurricane protection to withstand a 100-year storm.

Let me know how that turns out.

Here's George Bush in front of St. Louis Cathedral in case you've forgotten. My guess is that you haven't.

27 January 2008


I don't read Liberal Oasis enough anymore:

The divisive way [Clinton] is running her campaign is anathema to the core liberal principle of a government representative of all, a principle that is the foundation of the Democratic Party.

After the last several decades, no one is naive enough to believe that you can win a national campaign without getting tough.

But you can get tough on issues, using facts.

If you believe stoking racial divisions is the only way to win, there's another political party you can join.

A candidate that cannot live up to his or her party's principles is a candidate that undermines trust in that party.

In turn, the Democratic Party is better off without the Clintons leading it.

Sunday Stuff 

More on the ethics complaint against Jindal by the editors at The Advocate, and Mark Ballard goes into detail about where he believes the source of our Louisiana ethics problem lay.

Greg also had more about this earlier in the week, and it's well worth your time to read his thoughts. The kicker from Greg's post, "[T]he problem isn’t patronage: the problem is that we keep electing and/or listening to a bunch of mudpies who are just as amoral as they are stupid. That’s why Jindal stood out — he looks smart, from a distance."

I'm still not convinced that Jindal only looks smart from a distance; however, Greg puts forth a pretty convincing case that I shouldn't be so optimistic.

Meanwhile, locally the Daily Advertiser is generally not good for much more than covering a table you want to protect when you're having a crawfish boil (The Times of Acadiana is even better for this since it's free), but there was an editorial about the severe discrepancy between funding for coastal restoration projects in southeastern Louisiana vs. southwestern Louisiana that I found interesting. I don't highlight this to start an argument about "who needs this money more". I tend to think that if the Feds would shell out even a fraction of the money promised by the President then individual regions along the state's coast wouldn't have to have this fight. I highlight this more to call into question the wisdom of the Advertiser editor's faith in our do-nothing Congressman representing this district:

He says the minimal allocation to our end of the state is partially because we have no organized, vocal champions such as those who push for New Orleans-area projects.

He may find that his premise is not totally accurate when U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, gets into the battle - as we are sure he will. Boustany was extremely vocal in his criticism of government response to Hurricane Rita. He took on FEMA, almost single-handedly at times, in his effort to secure help for southwest Louisiana. We look forward to his response to CPRA.

We'll see about that. . .

Dead Pelican vs. The Reduct Box 

Funny. I read this over at "Roger's Rants", and I thought he may have been worried about some other guys in the scene these days:

There's a new political web site that will be launching soon, and I'm strongly urging my readers to reject it. Of course it has nothing to do with competition: I'm more concerned about the well- being of my readers, and I promise that there is absolutely no selfish- interest (hidden or otherwise) urging me to do this.

New website he may or may not be making a really strange reference to here can be seen at:

The Reduct Box

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