09 February 2008


In the end, Obama did considerably better than I thought. I didn't think the post-Katrina black vote was as strong as it exhibited itself today.

Other thoughts . . .

Bobby Jindal may campaign for the Republican nominee, but when he shows up to vote in November he'll be pulling the lever (or "pressing the button" in today's voting procedure) for Barack Obama. (Nothing available online at the moment, but his comments about Barack go beyond "effusive praise") He seems to believe in him as a person. Jeffrey may think he's (and Timshel) naive, but that doesn't change the "inspiration" that exudes from the future Democratic nominee. Bobby J. seems to feel that.

If Barack Obama gets nominated, I honestly do believe that we will see a legitimate attempt on his life. I don't think that there's some governmental conspiracy behind this, it's what I think about the ability of the American populace to be able to deal with a truly inspirational "black" candidate. We're exactly 40 years from 1968, and I don't think that's insignificant.

. . .

If you saw the print version of The Independent this week, well, you saw a helluva short skirt on object of Timshel obsession Melissa Sellers that I can't really describe. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of it either.

07 February 2008

Damn, I hate Bill O'Reilly 

However, I love Keith Olbermann.

Get your sorry ass to Claiborne at Canal and put your money where your bottomless pit of a mouth is and we’ll be waiting

...hat tip to Oyster (I know you've all seen this before, I'm a couple of days late and trying to catch up.) Olbermann has been calling O'Reilly out on bullshit for quite some time about his ridiculous denial about the existence of homelessness among US veterans. What makes this asshole twice as awful as denying these facts of human existence is the rich bastard's continued insistence that he'll support these indigents if someone can just prove it to him.

No, these aren't Phish fans waiting for Jazz Fest, Bill.

Anyone who's ever driven where Olbermann describes has seen this disgusting proof of the NOLA third world (and perhaps evidence of the United States' continued devolution from a nation of hope and promise to a nation that denies it's similarities to the developing nations we exploit in hemispheres other than our own). Almost-shanty towns existed in the city before the storm, and they didn't go away afterwards. Now they're just worse and frequently include people who could support a lifestyle slightly better than living under bridge not so long ago.

Back in Lafayette 

So I get home from Savannah, GA and I find the neighboring building in my apartment complex dealing with what was at least a significant enough fire to draw a number of trucks. I didn't see any blaze, but that was a lot of smoke, noise, and "panic".

Note to me: get renter's insurance.

Anyhoo, Barack was in NOLA today, Mitt dropped out, and Hillary "loaned" her campaign $5 Million.

So let's start with Barack.

A crowd of mostly students waited as long as two hours this morning to gain entrance to a rally at the arena.

At 8 a.m., the line extended across the entire campus, down Willow to Calhoun. The 3,500-seat arena was full by 9:15 a.m., leaving many waiting outside.

Before I read this story tonight I had a conversation with Bigshot about finally being able to vote in a primary that meant something. He asked me what to expect in this race, but I don't really have a lot of answers. The variables are a bit beyond me. Barack speaking at Tulane really doesn't seem like an effective rally point for his message. If the university's own enrollment page is to be believed most of the student body can't even vote for Obama in Saturday's election, because 75% of them come from more than 500 miles away and probably aren't registered voters in Louisiana. Of course, those kids can go pound the pavement in GOTV efforts, but are a bunch of Tulane students willing to go to "identifiably" (read "black") Democratic precincts and knock on doors?

My gut says Obama beats Clinton in the Democratic primary in Louisiana by about 9% on the strength of the black vote, the closed primary, and my belief that the strong Edwards support in this state is probably leaning to Barack Obama. I have no idea what the countless registered Democrats who haven't voted for anyone other than a Rebublican in this state in the last 20 years will do when they show up at the polls and are told they have two choices for President: a woman and a black guy. I don't know if they'll vote or go home. It throws a big monkey wrench in the whole affair.

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