28 February 2008

Time Killing Game of the Week 

I friggin' love stick figures. And castles.


I've been in Houston for a couple of days on business, and I'm in the middle of a relocation to vistas within a closer spitting distance of Lafayette's famed "River Ranch." I'll have more soon. Sorry for the lack of posting.

In the meantime, an old friend from New Orleans emailed me about the love of my life's "slamming" by BayouBuzz proprietor Stephen Sabludowsky. The state's preeminent political voice says she should be fired...SHAME! How dare you consider the Gubnah's staff that way. She's too near and dear to this blogger's heart?

this is not just a face a mother could love, and maybe he just hasn't seen those legs.

25 February 2008


Omar Little

I wasn't optimistic about the way things would be turning out for the last few episodes of The Wire, but the murder of Omar by a ten-year old hopper is particularly discouraging.

Don't get me wrong, it was utterly predictable, but I felt sick for the last twenty minutes of that episode nonetheless.

24 February 2008

Campaign News 

Things are getting ugly in the 1st.

Scalise's tax record doesn't really matter to me, though I imagine for Republicans in that neck of the woods anti-tax bonafides are a must. The ethics concerns of the man who's nearly positive to win that seat are interesting, though.

Meanwhile, the LA-GOP thinks that they're going to get a battle in the 6th District. I'm less confident about the strength of the Democratic push there, but anything that makes Republicans fight over a district that's been in their hands for nearly thirty years is fine by me. I wish the seat would have just been left vacant until the Presidential election. A strong candidate with coattails may have been able to help an underdog Democrat in that race out.

If you're in Baton Rouge and want to see the Democrats vying for the seat, the Press Club is hosting a forum tomorrow afternoon.

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