06 March 2008

You Can Get Out and Walk 

From our good friend Nathan Stubbs at the Independent comes a link to rankings from Prevention Magazine and the American Podiatric Medical Association of the Nation's Best Walking Cities. The largest cities in each state were ranked according to criteria like percentage of walking commuters, the number of parks and schools, ozone levels and crime rates, and in Louisiana Baton Rouge ranked highest (..if you've got to pick a best...) and Lafayette comes in a distant last. Not only that, Lafayette comes in 10th WORST in the Nation.
"Located in the south-central part of the state not far from Baton Rouge, Lafayette has a low percentage of people who walk to work and a low ratio of parks per square mile. It also has a high average of cars per household, and its ozone rating is in the worst 100 nationally. Combine all these factors, and Lafayette places in the worst 10 walking cities in our nationwide list."

Though it's certainly the Southside of Lafayette that's really tipping the numbers, this is no surprise. Walking or riding a bike in in the Hub City is more like an extreme sport than an accessible source of heart healthy exercise. With many of our area's Grand Designs stalled, it will be a long time before we see any substantial amount of feet hitting the pavement. Considering the condition of Johnston Street at anytime of the day though, walking may just be the fastest mode of transportation available.

04 March 2008

No strike after all 

Now they're just shirking.

Tuesday night, crawfish farmers voted against striking - but they are scaling back their harvest. At a meeting in Rayne, members of the Louisiana Crawfish Farmer's Association voted to stop fishing twice a week. The voluntary ban halts production on Sundays, and another day chosen by each farmer.

Good for them, bad for me.

I don't know whether or not this really will affect prices of live crawfish. From the stories I've seen, it seems to have more to do with the people who peel and package crawfish, but local restaurants may or may not be considered "processors". I'll keep you up to date as long as I know what's going on.

03 March 2008

Writers and Actors Can Eat their Hearts Out 

This is the only strike that matters to any of us down here.

There have been complaints of processors charging triple what they're paying producers, so there are some legitimate complaints here, but to strike during lent? What will we Catholics do on Fridays?

02 March 2008


I saw this ad while watching This Week earlier this morning. Good for Paul Sawyer.

I'll add that I've thought Woody Jenkins to be a complete asshole for a long time, anything that reminds voters of this is just fine by me. Of course, Woody's not the only Gret Stet pol from the nineties who gave money to David Duke for "information." Mike Foster and others share that honor as well.

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