11 March 2008

New Digs 

Internet finally back up tomorrow with the Cable. I can't wait for the final episode of The Wire.

09 March 2008

Move nearly complete 

I'm moved in and have a lot of settling to do, but no Internet at the moment, so I'm posting from a remote location.

Runoffs for both parties in the 6th district. Woody Jenkins only needs to add a single percentage of the Republican vote to get in the general election against either Don Cazayoux or Michael Jackson. I think that bodes very well for Democrats there, though it's still a highly difficult pickup for the forces of responsible government. Especially given the relative name-recognition of the Democratic candidates versus Mr. Jenkins. Let's hope some of those Katrina transplants have changed registration to vote in that district and that the eventual party nominee gets good support from Kip Holden and the rest of the Democratic fixers in the Baton Rouge area.

Meanwhile, Steve Scalise needs to add only 2% of the Republican vote in the closed runoff, so in all likelihood he will be the next Representative of the 1st district barring stories of him hordeing child pornography on his computer or visiting the bathroom at the Lakeside Mall.

Thanks to AhQuoi for keeping something up on the blog while I've been worrying about other things. Also, if you want some more reading today, Mark Ballard doesn't think much of Jindal's tax agenda for this next special session.

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