22 March 2008

More Quotes 

Liberals have spent decades trying to figure out how to deal with a political landscape and a vapid media that abhors nuance and context, and searched for candidates who can speak without such complexity.

To have a leader that doesn't always have to oversimplify the message in order to be heard is quite an asset.

If Oyster's posting dispiriting quotes from Richard Wright, I may as well add that I hope Obama is up to the task of "rising above" it. Bill Scherr certainly seems to think so.


Update 3/24/08 1917

D'oh! I got got.

This is NOT Endearing 

And pretty stupid, too. Apparently she forgot the state of the federal budget at the end of Clinton's term on Pennsylvania Ave.

Whatever the case, she'll be totally forgotten by the time Republicans in the 6th go to the polls to vote in the GOP Runoff.

More about that race here.

20 March 2008

Quote of the Week (not WeAk) 

"There is a danger of some public officials European countries losing their will and backing out. It’s a huge challenge that we keep the resolve among all of us."

One guess which US Senator spending a couple of days in Afghanistan gave this quote to the press...

Good artwork on a Hustler Club event at The Reduct Box (the post it goes with is here).

Bundle Up 

Thanks to my friend Nathan Stubbs at The Independent for cheap Cox.

If you've had any trouble with them, the "magic" words are "special promotion R-123".

Have fun.

17 March 2008


Okay, moving and working has been harder on me than anticipated. Back in the swing of things very soon.

Hopefully with cheaper Internet, too. I can't find a copy of this ad anywhere, but thanks to the good people at EATEL for notifying those cable consumers in Lafayette that Cox has to match the low rates they're advertising in Gonzales to customers in other markets.

It looks like a good bet my cable bill will go from $118/month to $75 monthly, and I'll be adding a phone line.

Oops, nevermind, I should have known the folks at Lafayette's Pro Fiber Blog would produce a picture of this ad. John notes that people in the "First Build Area" may want to hold off. That's not me, so I'm running with this.

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