28 March 2008


My local political radio host welcomed Mary Landrieu this morning. It's clear that Landrieu plans to make her seniority a major issue in the coming campaign. The thing that interested me, though, was a suggestion she made fairly early in the interview that, "John Kennedy has a lot to answer for in the office he's held for the last six years..."

Really? I can imagine a few things, but Landrieu sounded like she had something major up her sleeve. I'm kind of looking forward to the coming election.

Another highlight: "I think these people switching parties for political reasons can't be trusted," or something to that effect . . . The host, who is an unapologetic conservative, laughed his ass off at that suggestion, as though he doesn't trust Kennedy either. I hope there are lots out there like that.


Meanwhile, I'm going to buy a new car tomorrow. Oyster's sample car salesman--while hilarious--blog just makes me feel shitty about myself despite having convinced myself I got a pretty good deal.

27 March 2008

...And the Sick Get Sicker 

La. listed as 2nd-unhealthiest state

Hardly surprising news here, though I find these kinds of rankings fairly arbitrary, it's doubtful that you'd be able to make any rankings as to health care that put Louisiana up near even the middle of any lists.

At least we've got that new Guvnah' who used to run our state's DHH!

I suppose using the law to mandate treatment of mental patients with a history of violence is the first step...

26 March 2008

The Rich Get Richer? 

Not really...

This was an interesting headline in todays Advocate:

La. tops nation in income growth again

In 2007, personal income for Louisiana’s 4.3 million residents grew at a 10.5 percent rate, according to data released this morning by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

That’s a drop from Louisiana’s national-best 20.6 percent growth rate in 2006.

Sounds good so far.

Louisiana’s per capita personal income of $34,756 is below the national figure of $38,611 per person in 2007, but the state is above the Southern per capita figure of $31,013.

Still below the national average, but better than the Southern average. Fantastic! Where's my cut?

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