02 April 2008


This is old already, but I was reminded of it while perusing TheDeadPelican.com earlier, so I may as well post it out there for all of you...

Oliver Stone's new movie is set to begin filming in Shreveport later this month (Ellen Burstyn as Babs is particularly intriguing).

Of course that's not nearly as big a deal to me as the silver screen version of video game favorite Tekken wrapping up shooting in the 'Port last month.

30 March 2008


...not the good kind.

"Governor denies quid pro quo" is not the headline you want to see when you call yourself a champion of ethics reform in the Gret Stet. Mark Ballard pens a great piece on a contract just doled out by Jindal's administration to a pal who accounted for more than $130,000 dollars to his gubernatorial campaign.

The evidence that this was anything other than the completion of a deal already in the works is thin, but the scadalous part isn't so much about the contract, but about how much damn money this one businessman could raise for a campaign.

The Chouest-related contributions that could be tracked through public records totaled at least $135,250.


“You’re talking about legal corruption,” said state Sen. Joe McPherson, D-Woodworth.


“These business people are investors. They’re putting up money, and they’re expecting to see a return on their investment. They’re smart businessmen,” McPherson said.


Wendell G. Lindsay Jr., the Baton Rouge lawyer who heads the state’s branch of Common Cause, said bundling donations, such as Chouest’s, creates the appearance that the elected official is beholden to his contributor.

“Our system is legalized bribery,” Lindsay said.

Well said, Mr. Lindsay

And piggy-backing on Oyster's "Bobby looks sexy" post, our state police can't seem to get enough of the new Governor either. He's getting "rock star treatment" because "[h]is sheer star power . . . demands heightened security."

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