15 May 2008

Talk about a special comment 

Thanks to Amorphous Funk and YRHT

13 May 2008

What to do with that Oil Tax Surplus?.... 

Well folks, while Ricky is still absent (probably distraught from his conscience-strangling attraction to Jindal Press Secretary Melissa Sellers), I wanted to clue everyone in to a little piece of state-wide news put out by the Hub City's Independent today:
With an estimated $820 million surplus flowing into state coffers thanks to higher oil prices, Louisiana legislators think it’s an appropriate time for them to get raises. Yesterday Senate Bill 672 , which would triple the pay of legislators from $16,800 to $50,700, passed through the Senate Finance Committee unopposed.
Well that's nice. I'm going to leave this one open to opinions here because I don't know all the details and comparative salaries, but I find it particularly interesting that with so much talk about holding on to surpluses, transparent government and "
especially since the House Appropriations Committee just stripped $120 million in education and health care spending from the budget" an increase in legislator salaries fits in with our states cleaner, friendlier image. But then again, I'm not nearly as informed as "Louisiana's Super-Lobbyist" Randy Haynie.
From today’s Advocate :
Baton Rouge lobbyist Randy Haynie spoke out on behalf of the pay raises Monday. “I do not believe the public is aware of the hours you put in as public servants,” Haynie told the committee members.....
As the lobbying Rep for such altruistic corporations as AT&T, GE, Pfizer and Philip Morris USA I'm sure Mr. Haynie knows a thing or two about long hours of selfless service. Independent writer Scott Jordan even adds in a career suggestion for our State's mild-mannered Uber-Lobbyist...
Haynie would be a perfect lobbyist for a dairy and bakery company — he knows the importance of buttering both sides of his bread.

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