28 May 2008


Hah, after seeing Radiohead in The Woodlands the other weekend and getting their most recent album for free, I find it very funny that Capitol Records is trying to capitalize on whatever rights they have left to milk money off the band's success.

Can't they do better than Fake Plastic Trees and Creep? Why not just put OK Computer and Kid A on a double disk with a bunch of "remixes" and sell it for about 40 bucks? I might put some money down for that, even if I do have them recorded already.

really crappy video, sorry, but there's not much available from the show

Whew! Okay, four posts this week. I think I need another month or so off.

AhQuoi? I'm gonna need some help.


After clicking on "NEWS" at The Advertiser's (relatively) new website, it only makes me more depressed about the state of news coverage from my city's daily news organ. At least I still have the Advocate's Acadiana section.

And The Independent is on fire lately...

Also, Greg Peters calls out my special lady. I'm a bit upset by all the negative press lately, but I don't think it bothers her. She's saving it all up for a tell-all about the Governor's decision-making abilities. (It seems Greg has also noted dissatisfaction with local news coverage by the Gannet rag.)

Smells mighty hoaxy to me 

Thanks Drudge.

But man, with the new X-Files movie coming up, I find stories like this one all kinds of tantalizing.

It's only slightly less plausible than all of Oyster's tangential JFK conspiracy posts (no offense Oyster, you know I love you, especially since you have a birthday coming up...).

25 May 2008

Read This 

Long absences, bad weeks at work, new nephew (congratulations Bigshot), here's something to help you finish the memorial day weekend...

Since Mark Ballard took over the "Political Horizons" column at The Advocate it's been a pleasure to read on Sundays. He doesn't disappoint this week. He brings some anger to the debate in the State Legislature over House Bills 25, 887, 1082, 1357, 1358 and 1380 and concludes his column thusly:

If I had to choose, I’d prefer my son imitate a man who has the gumption to sneak into a disaster zone, take any work offered, and do it with pride and diligence, than to copy the behavior of, say, the leader of the national anti-immigrant caucus — U.S. Sen. David Vitter.

Also from this Sunday's Advocate, it seems Houma police ticketed a man because black people were hanging around the front of his barber shop. (It was a wire story and I can't find it online at the Advocate, but here's the Shreveport Times) More at WWL...

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