04 June 2008

Her future's so bright... 

...Ricky's gotta wear shades. Ok, cheesy 80's music reference aside, hot news from Campaigns & Elections Politics magazine today, as they include the object of Ricky's affection, Miss Melissa Sellers, in a list of Rising Stars. All of the Honorees are “people 35 or under who have already made a significant mark in political consulting or advocacy.” Past honorees include David Axelrod, Donna Brazille, James Carville, Karen Hughes and George Stephanopolous. It is certainly an interesting list so go and check it out, but here's a summary of their description of Miss Sellers.
Melissa Sellers' political education came at an early age. A journalism major, Sellers interned on George Bush's 2000 presidential campaign and a little more than a year later found herself running a campaign for the Texas state House at age 19. "That was when I realized, ‘Hey, this is really fun,'" she says.
Now, as Jindal's press secretary, Sellers has a coveted office directly across from the governor-a space usually reserved for top legislative staffers, but that Jindal insisted on giving her.

Oh, and there's another picture of Miss Sellers in this report, Ricky. Still just a thumbnail but a nice grin. She must have just told someone that Jindal was not available for comment...

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