25 July 2008

At least there won't be any oil spills. . . 

In a story about a survey that found as many as 17% of coastal residents in Louisiana wouldn't "evacuate if the government said they had to because another major hurricane was headed toward the state," I found this quote worth noting.

“People come up with every possible excuse they can think of to stay — like something will happen to their house if they leave,” Sneed said. “We try and answer each and every one of those issues. When they worry about vandalism, we say we’ll provide extra security.”

“I don’t know why they’re so reluctant,” he added. “It’s as if they don’t trust anybody.

I can't imagine why our citizens wouldn't trust anyone, can you?

24 July 2008

What has clout gotten us? 

J. Neely Kennedy's best line of defense to Mary Landrieu's experience was heard on entertaining-in-a-makes-me-cringe-kind-of-way local radio station KVOL in an interview with one of Lafayette's many resident radio idiots, Todd C. Elliott.

He was responding to a question posed by Portia Evans, the equally-doltish liberally-minded news reporter and (sort of) co-host to their morning show. It went something along the lines of, "Mary Landrieu's extensive Senate experience has her in a position of great seniority and clout in Congress. How do you respond to that?"

Kennedy sounded fired up by this question. "What has clout gotten us? Has it gotten us our recovery money? Has it kept our college grads in the state? Has clout made our schools perform better? Has clout gotten our levees rebuilt" He went on with several other "has clout" questions, all damaging to Mary Landrieu's argument for experience and seniority over new blood.

In his response, Kennedy actually seemed a bit like the man Oyster described who showed up at the river to campaign for John Kerry.

Of course Mary Landrieu not being on with him and two poorly prepared radio "personalities" couldn't respond to said question. Kennedy going around Louisiana staying on this message will need to be considered by the Landrieu media team, though.

21 July 2008

PBJ for VeeP! 

As I mentioned to AhQuoi via text message today, "I'm praying for this"

Let it be Bobby J!

Make no mistake, I don't think this is NECESSARILY in the works; rather, I think it's political theater to distract from the amazement that is Europe's reaction to Barack Obama. It does bring me to consider the possibilities:

Best Case for the Democrats:

Bobby J. makes McCain look like an out of touch old codger. After national media scrutiny Bobby J. looks to the press like an out of touch religious extremist. They pile on. Barack Obama wins.

Next to Worst Case for the Republicans:

Bobby J. as Vice President makes McCain look like an out of touch old codger. National media scrutiny of Bobby J. is fawning. Barack Obama wins, but entrenched economic and geopolitical circumstances leave him as a one-term disappointment and Bobby J. wins a landslide in 2012 (Is this what our governor really wants? Who knows? Ask my special lady.)

Bad case for Democrats:

See above

Worst case for Democrats:

What, me worry? I don't see a scenario that Bobby Jindal being on the ticket helps anyone except Bobby Jindal. The Obama campaign has nothing to worry about this guy.

However, there is a worst case for Bobby Jindal (and for people who care about this country):

McCain manages to win. Economic and geopolitical circumstances do not improve over the next four years due to a number of reasons: poor Republican leadership and an appropriately obstructionist Democratic Congress trying to undo the damage of the last eight years of an increasingly authoritative executive. The Republicans are thrown out of office and Bobby Jindal goes down as hip-to-be-square Dan Quayle. If I didn't hate the idea of having to endure a McCain/Jindal executiveship over the next four years, I'd kind of be rooting for this scenario to play out.

New Links 

I mean it, a blogroll update is in the works.

In the meantime, I've been pleasantly surprised to find a couple of extended family members with lefty leanings operating out of their own little corners of the blogosphere. I'll be keeping up with them, maybe you guys would like to as well.

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