09 August 2008

"I made a very serious mistake" 

I am fucking tired of this shit. It doesn't matter the party affiliation. Clinton shouldn't have had apologists. David Vitter should be hoisted, as they say, and John Edwards is a bitch.

It's not a "partisan" issue. Promises people make to their wives and loved ones are more serious than any "political" positions they take in public, regardless of the number of people they affect as public figures. This is a bad person, and whatever money people have contributed to the PAC that has been paying off his mistress should be returned by his ridiculously well-off bank account.

07 August 2008


I'm anxiously awaiting the yellow blog's take on this game, but in the meantime I have a few thoughts:

Drew Brees is awesome.

The Saints starting line doesn't block for the run very well.

Our secondary doesn't seem much improved.

Robert Meachem has a gimpy gait, but given the touchdown reception he contrived out of nothing in tonight's contest, that limp may have something to do with the fact that he's wearing Joe Horn's number.

Our first round draft pick has a nose for the ball, but in his first professional competition he seems slow off the snap of the ball.

Skyler Green may have potential.

Less Grammatica, more left-footed drafted kickers (were those squibs designed or awful kickoffs?).

I think our coach may be using "Just for Men".

Tyler Palko has butter fingers.

That Hamilton guy is the new Pierre Thomas.

What do you think?

[update]It's actually Adrian Arrington who has the gimpy gait and wears Joe Horn's number, both he and Meachem have potential. Sorry for the confusion. Drinking beer on weekdays is bad for your memory.

05 August 2008


Two days before his much publicized Hawaiian respite, Obama should introduce his Vice Presidential pick.

This candidate should spend Obama's week off relentless attacking McCain in every way imaginable. When Obama comes back he can act like he didn't know it was happening. Maybe even kick him/her off the ticket in a high-profile press conference from Maui half-way through his vacation...

04 August 2008



AhQuoi, I need help.


I can't tell you how upset it makes me that Shell and Chevron gas stations both position their premium gas on the far left of the pump. Just like 99% of all the other English-readers in the world, I read left to right. The cheapest gas should be all the way on the left, just like it was the first time I ever pulled up to pump my own gas.

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