15 August 2008

Head for the hills... 

Maybe there's something to that talk of Obama as Antichrist after all. He's releasing his demons to the world.

First Chupacabra

Then Bigfoot

I'm terrified.

14 August 2008

Time-Killing Game of the Olympics 

If you visited this blog years ago, you've probably seen this before. It doesn't change the fact that I love it.

(sorry for the advertisements.)


McCain's stance on this issue shows him to be close to certifiable [my emphasis] -- not only on specific policy points but also in what I guess I would call affect.


[H]e really has gone considerably beyond what's ever been considered appropriate or acceptable for a presidential candidate. He's worked at fairly evident cross-purposes with the president of his own party. He's been in several times a day phone contact with one of the key players in the drama. He's dispatching his own faux diplomatic delegations to the scene.

Josh Marshall goes on to say that he doesn't necessarily think most voters are really paying attention to this, and I agree with him, but really, wow. This is a helluva statement from the generally staid Talking Points Memo. Just ask Bob Somerby what he thinks about the TPM's teeth.

In the meantime...

I really have been staying up too late watching the Olympics lately. These swimming events have been out of this world. And I have no connection to the sport at all. I'm mostly amazed at the endurance of it all...

AhQuoi? Still looking for some help here, champ.

10 August 2008

(non-insider) Predictions 

Campaign emails suggest a Veep pick for the Democratic nominee is coming soon.

Let's hope he goes "wild-card" and selects Jim Traficant.

Nah. I'm still hoping for Wes Clark. Mostly because he has ZERO qualms about going after John McCain. He can be likes the role of attack dog. I don't care about his military experience.

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