22 August 2008

Video please... 

Really, the next time someone says something about a "latte-drinking liberal," I hope that this is dramatized somewhere...

The six-car caravan (two silver minivans, two tan SUVs and two white 15-passenger vans for the press) left his cabin retreat at just before eight in the morning. Eleven minutes later, the caravan pulled into the parking lot of a Safeway, where a sign proclaimed the presence of a Starbucks.

Cindy McCain, clad in a light pink shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops, paced in front of the Safeway, talking on her phone for a few minutes, her hair pulled into a pony tail. A bit later, she went inside the Safeway and emerged with a coffee cup in hand. A staffer was seen coming out of the Safeway with two cups of coffee and some drycleaning.

H/T to Matthew Yglesias, among MANY others...

20 August 2008

Olympic Minutiae 

By all realistic comparisons of success in their respective sports, Misty May-Treanor has done considerably more in her career than Jason Kidd.

Why isn't he the one sporting a tattoo of her on his back?

That's a tough lede 

The AP on Bush's visit to New Orleans:

Deborah Harris didn't get to meet President Bush on Wednesday and she didn't care. His visit to this city, not far from where she's living in a trailer in the hurricane-devastated Lower 9th Ward, didn't help her in any way, as far as she could tell.

"So what if the president's here?" she said from the shell of a house she's struggling to build nearly three years after Hurricane Katrina left the neighborhood in ruins. "Where's the stores? Where are the schools for our children? Where are our homes?

The most positive quote AP reporter Becky Bohrer could gather was, "I guess he's trying."

Makes you think a conference on New Orleans recovery might be a good idea, doesn't it?

Can Katrina recovery please become a political issue? If only polling in this state were as close as it is in, say, Ohio.

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