26 August 2008

Did everyone go to bed? 

Michelle Obama was OUT OF THIS WORLD tonight. No one is talking about it online.

I only vaguely remember the 1992 DNC. Fleetwood Mac was memorable, but that's about it. My recollections of Hilary Clinton over the last several years are not particularly enamoring. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama displayed herself as the embodiment of the liberal dream for women, African-Americans, and the middle class. She and her family are the absolute picture of what works in our flawed country. I hope somebody watched besides me...

[update 105 am]...didn't they credential all these fudging bloggers to shape the discourse? This kind of pisses me off. At least I tuned to Fox News later in the evening and found that the worst they could find to do was once again compare Barack Obama to the "American Idol Candidate."

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