04 September 2008

Green Screen!! 

Granted that I'm a committed Democrat, but I didn't think much of John McCain's speech. The substance isn't important, but really, throughout this convention--visually--all speakers have more or less been thrown in front of a black screen. In the case of John McCain's speech, they threw him in front of a green and then a blue screen. I can't wait to see what Colbert does with this...

01 September 2008


Goodby Gustav. That's been a very tense week. I hate the lead time on these things now. You sit around waiting, growing ulcers, and listening to Ray Nagin, and you just get freaked out.

Happily enjoying the propane generating power at my office right now. It's still a little gusty here in Lafayette, but I'll be going home tomorrow before curfew.

The situation south and east of here was not so good...

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