29 May 2010


We are witnessing a disaster in time lapse.

What do we do when faced with the onslaught of a disaster we can't really even imagine? We don't need to leave. We just sit and watch while everything we hold dear is destroyed in slow motion. It's a total sense of powerlessness that envelopes me while I have to sit and watch Doug Suttles talk about what's ahead for the effort to stop the gushing volcano of oil that is killing us slowly.

From the beginning pretty much anyone who's really paid attention has had some basic understanding that this mess wasn't going to be plugged up. We all hoped it would.

Now British Petroleum has attempted a series of costly, ultimately ineffective and probably pointless plumbing efforts. They may be doing this for public relations. They may be doing this because they honestly believe one might work. Unfortunately every day it grows clearer that we will have to wait until late July or August to have ourselves a relief well that will actually stop this leak.

We watch. We wait. We are powerless.

23 May 2010

I am fucking angry 

I spend most of my life on the tweeter tubes these days, but I am fucking angry.

140 characters can't satisfy my fucking disgust with the situation we are living in.

I want to curl up in a ball or do some similar fetal position disappearing act. We live in a world of shit. We are from Louisiana.

Dead birds.

Shitty cakes are more important than fucking useless boom.

Boom bitches! We got this!

Fuck you BP. Fuck you one thousand fucking times. Fuck you Mary Landrieu. Fuck you anybody else that ever suggested that this fucking mess was completely unthinkable. I hate you. I hate you big fucking time.

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