05 June 2010

Marsh Oil Cleanup Policy: Don't do anything 

Great article from The Advocate's Amy Wold about the lack of any action on marsh cleanup.

It seems that it's pretty much the policy of federal cleanup procedures to just do nothing and let the oil biodegrade.

In an "Oil Spill Cleanup in a Marsh Environment" document prepared by the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, natural degradation is an option if it happens quickly, a year or less.

But that doesn’t mean absolutely nothing gets done, said Kerry St. Pé, executive director of BTNEP.

"The do nothing thing has gotten out of hand and is something I have heard frequently from people that are really meaning 'do nothing aggressively to remove the oil out of the marsh,'" he wrote in an e-mail. "You would circle the affected area with boom first and contain it. You would then wait for the tides and wind to bring the oil out to the containment boom where it can be skimmed or removed with sorbents. But you would definitely not just turn around and leave the oil in the marsh."

In other news from today's Acadiana edition, I didn't realize that Lil' Liddy had an acolyte who infiltrated our local census office. In a ground-breaking work of citizen journalism, it seems that they found temporary government employees can be loafers who don't have outstanding work credentials.

04 June 2010

Oh for fuck's sake. 

It is not "our fault" that the oil spill happened because we drive cars and use oil products.

It MAY be our fault that we've continued to support politicians who don't give a damn about safety regulations, gut worker protections, and support "watchdog" bureaucracies staffed by drug addled industry sycophants.

But in the end this spill is the fault of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton. Those are the people responsible for this well's explosion that killed eleven people and continues to gush into our Gulf. There is not "collective guilt" for this. We could consume all the oil we want at prices that wouldn't change and still protect American workers and the American coast.

A few businesses are guilty, and they damn well ought to pay and be prosecuted for it. And we damn well ought to make sure that future drilling doesn't put people at this level of risk.

I'm an operations manager at a small company in Lafayette. I understand from my boss that my first responsibility is to the safety and well-being of our staff. We don't offer any products that are a danger or hazard to our community, but if we did that would be on my list too. Profit comes after those things. It's pretty fucking simple.

03 June 2010

Why does Boston have the best photography of this event? 

01 June 2010

Happy Anniversary Louisiana! 

The federal government and British Petroleum today decided today that using unproven, dangerous techniques to stop the gushing volcano of oil at the floor of the Gulf of Mexico might make matters worse for us. Now we're in full containment mode. The plan now is to simply wait for those sure-fire relief wells to be drilled and contain what we can in the meantime. Oil will still leak into the Gulf at rates that no one really knows (or wants to say), but hopefully we'll be able to contain a lot more it. Once again we are dealing with some truly unprecedented shit:

Systems such as the LMRP containment cap have never before been deployed at these depths and conditions, and their efficiency and ability to contain the oil and gas cannot be assured. It is currently anticipated that attachment of the LMRP cap will be attempted later this week; however, operational delays could impact anticipated timeframes.

Because we won't stop the flow for some time, I propose a pool. Just like when friends get pregnant and we predict the date of the baby, I'm curious when you think the date oil will stop exploding into our Gulf. I'm picking August 29, 2010. It's a nice date.

It's probably an optimistic prediction given the hurricane forecast for our Gulf this year. Even if the forecasters are badly overestimating the number of named storms to affect the Gulf Coast in 2010, we can expect multiple rig evacuations, which would necessarily shut down drilling on these relief wells.

Dauphin Island. Alabama.

Other reading:
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Other viewing:
Spillcam! There's been lots of buzzsaw action the last two days.

30 May 2010

The Senior Senator from Louisiana 

I guess that tiny slice of the pie chart that no one could see in 2009 just got a lot bigger.

via SkyTruth on teh twitters.

We should all be very pissed off right now. 

Nope, nothing else to add to this.

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