26 June 2010

Chi! Chi! Chi! 

Le! Le! Le!

Viva Chile!

Honduras drew even with Switzerland, so my two teams are through to knockout. USA plays Ghana and Chile plays Brazil. I like Chile in the Brazil game. Brazil is being coached to play a kind of football that suits the attacking style of the only team on the west side of the Andes. I'd be looking forward to watching the game Monday if I didn't have to spend the day at a hospital in Baton Rouge probably disconnected from the necessary teevee channels.

Time Killing Game of the Week 

I think it would make more sense to move this feature to Monday instead of right before I go to sleep on Friday.

Anyway, here's your game.

Logic! Kill yourself over and over again in order to achieve the level objectives. Yep.

24 June 2010

Benson Avoiding Whitehouse Visit Due to Politics? 

Profootballtalk.com has posted a very weakly attributed rumor that the reason the Saints haven't visited the White House yet is due to Benson's political leanings. To be sure recent visits to DC by the Super Bowl Champs have occurred much earlier in the year, but has anyone else heard this scuttlebut that Benson is avoiding the visit because he supports the other guys?

So why haven't the Saints gone yet this year? The talk is that owner Tom Benson, a Republican, has resisted the trip due to his political leanings. Apparently, coach Sean Payton has been pushing the issue, explaining that the team has to make the trip to see President Obama, who was rooting for the Saints when they upset the Colts in February.

His quote includes links, but not to anything that references "the talk" in the above quote. Seriously, has anyone heard this?

[UPDATE] PFT is usually pretty good about linking to originating sources or will specifically say a "team" or "league" source "tells us," this post vaguely references "talk." Just curious if I've missed something.

The time has come to pray 

There's nothing left to do but pray for perseverance.

I still think a Bobby Jindal patented exorcist effort on the oil spill demons is in order. I don't know if this has come up in the response discussions he doesn't want us to have access to, but I sure hope it has.

In the meantime you can suggest to the state that this is a proper course of action right here:

Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Your Idea, Alternative Response Technology or Proposed Solution will be reviewed and we will inform you of any further action should we require your support. Please understand that your solution may have already been proposed by another party or attempted.

23 June 2010

Weird Day Today 

Music for you. In honor of the moratorium that was, wasn't and was again...

22 June 2010


MMS gets a new name. Sort of. Surely this is the ticket to make them more effective.

Everything is a marketing job these days...

I'm not one to pile on France 

But watching their World Cup side implode this year has been a lot of fun. I don't hate France, but I always enjoy when the big European and South American teams lose. The fact that I rooted against the USA in the Olympics from ages 16-24 or thereabouts is related to this impulse. I hate teams that dominate everyone.

For the record I'm rooting hard for the USA tomorrow against Algeria. Win and we're through to knockout play. My anti-imperialist stripes have changed a bit. Maybe because the US is a waning power in general it's okay to be a little nationalist now.

Due to family ties my second team is Chile. They've won the first two games of group play and still may need a draw against Cup favorite Spain in order to get through to knockout competition. There's a group or two every finals where this happens. It's too bad Chile is in it. They're an exciting team to watch. They constantly attack and make chances for themselves. It's a very different approach from many of their past national sides.

In the meantime enjoy the 2010 English World Cup Anthem.

Goal! England by We Are Scientists

21 June 2010

Stuff that pissed me off this weekend 

Froma Harrop:

Louisiana has had more than its share of tragedies in recent years, and some, such as Hurricane Katrina, could be deemed acts of nature. But whatever the cause, every calamity that befalls Louisiana is made worse by its corrupt civic culture. A protectorate could provide the structure of governance its people need.


Much of southern Louisiana is under sea level and periodically floods. No sane person would build in these low-lying areas were it not for the federal taxpayer, who subsidizes flood coverage where private insurers would never tread.

The Mississippi Delta wetlands used to provide a buffer against storms. They've been largely destroyed by river-moving projects, levees and canals cut by oil companies.

Everything is our fault. "Even the liberals" think we're fucking crazy idiots for digging out ditches in below sea-level crawfish farms depending on the federal dole for our subsistence, despite the fact that this tragedy occurred in federal waters that we don't receive one drop of royalties off of. But hell, maybe if we were a protectorate we'd be doing better. It sure is working out for Puerto Rico.

Moratorium Stuff 

After two hours a judge plans to make a decision weighing the short-term economic health of our state vs. immediate human and environmental safety.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman heard two hours of arguments Monday and said he will decide by Wednesday whether to overturn the ban imposed by President Barack Obama's administration after the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.

The April 20 disaster killed 11 workers and blew out a well that has gushed anywhere from 68 million to 126 millions of oil into the Gulf.

Despite that this decision will likely be meaningless in the grand scheme of things, let's hope he be granted the wisdom of Solomon. The future of our state is at a critical juncture. We are owned by the oil industry, but we don't have to be. We must define the terms by which they operate in our state and along our coasts. We have allowed industrial interests to define these terms far too long. Now we're begging to be bound tighter to them.

Again, I'm not saying we ought to stop drilling for the end of time, but we damn well ought to stop until it's "safe" for our people (it's not), safe for our environment (it's not), and at the very least our state is fairly compensated for our risk (we're not) no matter how long it takes. Otherwise we are talking about staticide. We are putting Louisiana's future at risk. It's time to end that.

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