06 August 2010

Time Killing Game of the Week and rant 

This isn't a game. I don't care what buzzfeed.com says.

This is a game. And it's pretty fun. You've probably played it before, but spend some time with it.

I mentioned buzzfeed because it is not much different from digg.com. Yesterday on the twitters I mentioned that the business at digg.com and the supposed Digg Patriot "controversy" is why "social media is ultimately lame, insular, and mostly just sad."

It's not necessarily that social media is itself lame, insular, and sad. It's really the people who use these truly ground-breaking tools and decide that life doesn't exist outside of them. To read that story about Digg it's important to remember two very important points.

1. Some freerepublic.com assholes created an entirely "web-based" community dedicated to "promoting" conservative "web-based" blogs, articles, etc. through the Digg mechanisms.

2. Some other guy "infiltrated" this group, exposed their widely-known biases, and then railed about an inherently riggable system in a world based on coding as though it was ground-breaking news. Then he wrote something like 5000 words about it and assumed that anyone should give a fuck.

I gave up on the expose' somewhere around the "Getting Dirty" header.

If you believe that 1) tampering with Digg results is particularly underhanded and worthy of going undercover in order to expose the scheme to the world in a 140,000,000 word essay or 2) you should form a team of rapid response activists in order to surreptitiously advance your agenda in the online "blog" world you are pretty much a big douche bag, and you need to get a life.

Just get out of the house for a little bit. It doesn't matter where.

05 August 2010


Well this is sort of boring: $500 on facebook ads and getting over the "1000 fan" hump. Is this what politics has come to?

At the bottom of that post is some information about Lafayette donors to candidates in the 3rd district. That's sort of interesting. This political season in Louisiana is really shaping up to be very boring.

None of the Above 

Interesting opinion column from Stephanie Grace at the TP on GOP senate candidate Traylor.

Chet Traylor runs for U.S. Senate on the I'm-not-Vitter platform

She certainly doesn't do him any favors, but even reading between the lines this guys seems like a huge dud. Whoever drafted this guy should've also drafted a campaign advisor or something. Not having a prostitute and diaper fetish should not be the only qualifier for US senate.

More from the TP on Traylor here

04 August 2010

Screw Pat Swilling 

The second part in a Picayune series on the greatest Saint to ever play football quotes Pat Swilling about Rickey Jackson:

"You look across on the other side and you've got Rickey Jackson there, that's almost like saying you've got a Lawrence Taylor or an Andre Tippett, " said Swilling, one-fourth of the famed Dome Patrol linebacking corp that consisted of Jackson, Swilling and inside linebackers Vaughan Johnson and the late Sam Mills. "You've got one of the best players who's ever played the game on the other side, and that forced offenses to come back to me. That gave me an opportunity to make plays and make a name for myself."

Pat Swilling just benefited from Rickey's greatness and over-inflated his own sense of self-worth over it. Then he went to play for the Lions and didn't do a damn thing.


Pat Swilling sacks with Rickey Jackson:

1991: 17
1992: 10.5

Pat Swilling in Detroit:

1993: 6.5

Rickey Jackson during same years

1991: 11.5
1992: 13.5
1993: 11.5

To be fair to Pat Swilling he had a couple of good years with the Raiders before he hung it up, but still, screw him. I don't see how you can look at Rickey through the bone and put Lawrence Taylor over him.

Stan Brock gets it. He actually had to practice against City Champ and then line up against all the other OLBs and DEs in the NFL during his time as a right tackle.

"He was a hell of a football player. I think he's the best linebacker. There were a lot of others who got more recognition, but I don't think there are any others who can say they were a better linebacker than Rickey."

Part 2 of this series on the "King of the Muck" is better than the disjointed part 1, but just read both of them. Rickey Jackson really may be the best outside linebacker in the history of professional football. He's inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. His speech should be one for the ages.

You can also view a fairly pedestrian slide show of pictures not really appropriately indicative of his general bad-assedness here.

02 August 2010

It's hot. 

It's so freaking hot outside no one can really determine HOW hot it is.

The Onion of Hammond, Louisiana imagines a better world for all of us. Please read Hammond Action News. It would be on my sidebar if I could only figure out how to edit my sidebar.

Now come the earthquakes? 

Oh man, something's really wrong. We're pretty much fucked. Jeffrey talked about the Saints Super Bowl victory bringing on the apocalypse, and I guess I just expected it come more quickly than the slow death we're having to actually deal with.

Not much to say 

Had a real shitty day at work today.

Thanks to AhQuoi for posting a bit for the last few days. Keep posting AhQuoi, please!

In the meantime Donaldsonville's paper has published a profile of the lone Democrat vying for Charlie Melancon's seat in oil-ravaged LA3.

Also I went wading around in the Gulf this weekend with all eight of my nieces and nephews in the waters off of Pass Christian, MS. Had we driven a bit farther down the beach highway along Mississippi's coast we would have seen all the "responders" cleaning oil off the beaches. Maybe they cleaned our section of the beach before we got there and moved on. I don't know. The water seemed fine. So far so good. The shrimp po boy I ate at L'il Ray's was as delicious as they usually are; however, in retrospect I should have gone with the soft-shell crab po boy. I've never eaten one, but every time I see the concoction on a menu I consider ordering it and can't ever bring myself to do it.

01 August 2010

Why won't he write me back 

Oh boy, Vitty was on Fox News again this afternoon. Received an alert about this story and accompanying video here. This time it was regarding Obama's continued lack of response to letters Vitter and other GOP senators have sent requesting info on a Homeland Security memo. This memo, written by 4 high-ranking lawyers in the department, includes among other things a description of a possible program deferring enforcement of some immigration laws in what the senators are calling an amnesty program.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has already addressed the issue, and even did it on Fox and Friends according to this story:
"The White House doesn't support amnesty and I think people that support comprehensive immigration reform don't support amnesty either. What we need to do again is try to figure out how we're going to secure borders, deal with those that are here, but do it in a comprehensive way and do it at a federal level, because as frustrated as Arizonans are, and we understand that we can't have a patchwork of immigration laws throughout each of the 50 states."

Not an expert on this, but I would think that there are tons of memos going around with all kinds of options and strategies outlined that never get acted on. (I can just imagine the kinds of crazy things that popped up during the last administration.) This appears to be a recurring strategy of Vitter and his boys in the Senate - not actual action or anything, just sending the administration a letter and then crying to the press that you are appalled by the lack of a response.

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