13 August 2010


Continuity. It's really fun from about levels 9-19. But don't be drunk. Everything after that I can't speak to anything other than frustration.

12 August 2010

Fake Football Game 1 

If we only looked at the "starters," the defending champions of the NFL pretty much got their asses kicked. The Saints didn't tackle well and Thomas Morstead was (sort of?) injured. The sad thing is that I had a hard time even giving a crap about the first fake football game of the season. Granted I've been working quite a bit lately, but I just didn't really care that much. One of the best parts of preseason is seeing almost-rans like Adrian Arrington and Chris Ivory and rooting for them to make the team. This year I was rolling 3s with some friends by the middle of the 3rd quarter and pretending like I gave a fuck on teh twitters.

Meanwhile this snake hanging out in front of my door on the second floor of my building can't be a good omen for what's coming for this season.

11 August 2010

Oil and HazMat EVERYWHERE! 

We live in a dangerous world.

Farmers in south central Louisiana have been evacuated from areas surrounding an oil-spewing well near Paincourtville. An eighteen-wheeler carrying hazardous materials overturned a few miles south of my office on I-49 earlier causing evacuations of businesses and homes near the area and shutting down the interstate there for upwards of 6 hours.

But tropical systems keep getting downgraded when they make their way into the Gulf. Maybe we should name Tony Hayward director of FEMA and let him disperse chemicals and petrol products into the environment every hurricane season.

Wow Cao 

The TP brought this story to my attention this morning:

Cao was one of the two GOP reps to vote for the emergency spending budget, that is estimated to save over 2,800 teaching jobs among other things.

His comments on the vote:
"The children of Louisiana deserve the best education possible," he said. "For a long time we have been at the lower end of the list, but we have made great strides in the last couple of year, and I would like to continue that momentum."

Its not like he does this kind of thing on every bill, but he has occasionally showed an unusual ability to think for himself. The guy likely has a snowball's chance in Erath at re-election, but his ability to go against the obstinate GOP mandate (proving government ineptitude by breaking it from the inside) should be recognized. But I guess ever voting for anything that Obama agrees with makes him too far left.

The article goes on to remind us of the conflicting positions of our Governor and congressional delegation on the issues covered by the bill.

By the way, our esteemed "2nd attempt at GOP response to a presidential address" Rep. Boustany took up Vitter's previous strategy and decided not to vote.

09 August 2010

It's probably because of all the anchor babies 

Teachers are having trouble finding work in Louisiana's largest and fastest growing parishes.

08 August 2010

Justice is a warm colostomy bag 

I had the good fortune to spend my entire morning in the local Walmart while I waited for the fine men and women there to change my ravaged tires.

For the first time in about 3 years I read the Sunday Advocate front to back. This weekend happened to include this story about the extremely costly sick old people in our state prison system.

The article really has to be taken as a whole. Several state legislators see an opportunity in releasing elderly criminals back into society. For decades these criminals were entirely too dangerous to catch a whiff of the sweet smell of freedom. Now that they're costing the state three times as much money to provide medical care it's time to ship them out of the state penal system.

Long story short, if you want out of Angola, get some cancer.

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