27 August 2010


Alright folks, Mr. Prado asked me to fill in for him on this week's segment. As Ricky mentioned previously I am a nerd, er..I mean engineer, so I'm throwing out some more physics-based games for you all.
First is a Rube Goldberg inspired game: Dynamic Systems
Then the less flashy but not so simple Black Circle.
Have fun.

26 August 2010

Why'd they even bother 

Thanks to the TPM for linking to this story from the Ouachita Citizen:
'Tell them I lied'
It calls out a laundry list of LA GOPers who supposedly "leaned on" Traylor hard to run but then abandoned him when it counted most. My question is, what the freak was the point?

25 August 2010

Tea Party is Coming on Strong in Louisiana 

Good luck, ladies and gentleman. We've come a long way in the Gret Stet from sending the inspiration behind "Share our Wealth" clubs to the US Senate to the rise of the Tea Party Patriots.

Tea Partiers don't think much of 3rd District candidate Hunt Downer either.

I'd go back and link to Tea Party Patriots and their horror over the drilling moratorium, but fears over lost jobs in the oil industry just seem quaint now.

Today the "populists" beg government not to interfere with POSSIBLE employers. We have come a very long way indeed.

23 August 2010

If God is Willing 

I'm going to immerse my post-work time in Spike Lee's new documentary for the next couple of days. I was in New Orleans last weekend and will be again for Rising Tide this weekend, so posting is likely to be lighter even than the normally light posting you're totally used to already.

I very much enjoyed When the Levees Broke, so I'm excited about this new effort by Spike Lee. He's just generally pissed about the situation and it shows in his film-making. This is a good thing.

In the meantime I'm trying to convince my friend and Timshel contributor AhQuoi to post a bit about the things happening up in Wisconsin. As far as Senators go, Russ Feingold is fine by me. Sure the campaign finance act with his name on it is gigantic piece of crap, but he's good people.

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