03 September 2010

Time Killing Game of the Week 

I actually really enjoy this one. It almost rivals Blix.

02 September 2010

What, me worry? 

Gulf "platform" catches fire and moratoriums kill us, but don't sweat it everyone, Lafayette is recession-proof.

31 August 2010

$7200/person for killing rats 

Who knew nutria hunting was so lucrative?

In the 2009-10 season, 445,963 nutria tails, worth about $2.2 million in government-paid bounties, were collected from 306 participants. About 42 percent of those hunters turned in 800 or more tails. Terrebonne trappers turned in 106,226 rat tails for cash, far more than any other parish. Plaquemines and St. Mary parishes followed, with 69,294 and 67,631 tails, respectively. Lafourche Parish trappers turned in 39,564 tails.

"Did anybody kill them or hang them or anything?" 

No? Then I guess everything is okay, nothing to worry about here. We got this.

In more pleasant news, Rising Tide 5 was well worth the time. The function's keynote speaker had her own account of some of the race issues "off the job" in Grand Isle earlier this summer.

I can't encourage you enough to click on both of these links.

29 August 2010

It doesn't matter what this is about 

Enjoy. Won't link, find it yourself. I bolded "Facebook."

Brackett has mobilized student opposition to the project. She has launched a Facebook page, gathered 2,000 signatures and organized a rally against the plan. Brackett says part of the college experience is learning to make your own decisions, and living with the consequences.

Didn't see it 

While I was driving back to Lafayette Mary Landrieu was on Meet the Press this morning with Mayor Mitch. Not sure why Glenn Beck came up, but here's The Hill Blog's remarks about the exchange.

Landrieu said Beck had said the Gulf Coast could be rebuilt by private industry after the storm and flooding, but said that out of 200,000 homes lost only about 5,000 had been rebuilt by nonprofits.

"He is preaching a gospel that never has existed, doesn't exist today and never will," Landrieu said. "We follow the gospel, Mitch and I do, of Jesus Christ; we know what to do."

The senator said that when no one else there to help the region's residents, "God was here."

None of that makes any sense to me, but Glenn Beck sucks, so I'll post the little bit where he was mentioned.

You can read the whole transcript here. I'll highlight this portion about funding to supposedly rebuild schools in the city of New Orleans:

Now, I wouldn't have said it the way the secretary said it. Some people say, "Oh, it was a great opportunity." I think that comes out wrong. I think it gave us the responsibility of building back something that should not ever have gotten to where it was before. It's a, it's a huge responsibility, and it's one that we should take very strongly.

I highlight it because I honestly believe--despite his determination to take something "strongly"--Mitch Landrieu when he talks about obligations, duties, and civic responsibilities. It was a long discussion that you can read or probably watch somewhere, but something about that little bit struck me as particularly important.

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