09 September 2010

Spears v Vitter 

In a fitting addition to this circus that is the LA senate race, now this. No, this is not the forgotten Spears from Kentwood (or whatever florida parishes town she's from, I can't remember). Its Firefly Digital co-founder fighter Mike Spears:
Independent U.S. Senate candidate Mike Spears faces an uphill battle to beat Sen. David Vitter Spears on Election Day, so on Wednesday, Spears vowed to beat Vitter in a mixed-martial arts cage match.

Read the whole story at the Advertiser.

One ridiculous excerpt:
"You and other career politicians like yourself, hell-bent on ruining this nation, have blood on your hands," Spears said. "I think it's time you have blood on your face."

##Update: Made this post this AM thinking I was spreading a minor story, but have since learned that a ton of folks have picked it up, including the Huffington Post and Fox. If only Miss Stormy Daniels was still in the race.....

08 September 2010

Football Starts Tomorrow 

I'm on the way to New Orleans in a couple of hours. Sorry about the light posting, I've been busy and trying to wrap a lot of things that can't seem to get wrapped up at work.

Cue to AhQuoi...

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