07 August 2011

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As they came by shouting "This is what Democracy looks like" it occurred to me that they were probably right about that. Elites and lawmakers quietly dividing up the wealth of the nation in a hotel suite while clueless douchebags and idiot kids prattle on to no affect in the street is pretty much exactly what American democracy looks like in 2011.

29 October 2010


Fuck you guys for talking shit about me not pulling my blogging weight. In the meantime, play this here puzzle game called Thomas Was Alone.

19 October 2010


Here's a little congratulatory music for our douchebag Governor and our dick Senator.

*adding that this video is totally cliched, but I like the song, so, meh, get a life.

18 October 2010

Bobby Jindal is a giant fucking douche part 10081 

So the other day I'm reading the Advocate's weekend editorial page and I see this editorial about how Louisianans should really be worried about higher ed cuts:

"It’s not an overstatement to say the future of higher education in Louisiana is seriously threatened as never before," CABL said in a recent commentary on the crisis. But unfortunately, as CABL also said, "most of the public and many of our state leaders don't seem to recognize" that there is a crisis.

It’s not an overstatement.

There is a crisis, and CABL frankly criticized those who would minimize the severity of the cash crunch about to hit. The good-government organization did not single out by name the State House leaders who wanted even deeper cuts this year, and more cuts in the fiscal 2012 budget than the Governor's Office is already working on.

But those are among the people who should listen up.

Of course the typically wishy-washy Advocate doesn't bother to name any State House leaders in their editorial, but it doesn't really matter. It's the Advocate. That CABL is giving this the urgency it deserves is it's own surprise.

A concerned student (who happens to be President of LSU Student Government) then sent a letter to prominent northeastern publications in states where Presidents are nominated by their parties and where our current governor has been spending a great deal of time.

A Jindal administration flack responded with a giant FUCK YOU to the entire populace of Louisiana with the following:

A spokesman for the office responded to a call by LSU’s student body president for Gov. Bobby Jindal to spend more time in Louisiana dealing with the budget crisis and less time campaigning around the country for out-of-state candidates.

Kyle Plotkin issued a statement from the office saying that it was great that the student body president is getting involved in the political process and saying that the governor’s chief of staff and policy director talked to him on Monday.

But the statement gave little doubt to the governor’s position that there is more fat to be cut from higher education.

“The reality though is that higher education officials are not delivering the value our students deserve,” said part of the statement. “In FY 2010, Louisiana ranked ninth in the nation for the amount of state dollars spent on higher education as a percentage of state taxes. So the answer is certainly not to raise taxes on the backs of Louisianians.”

Big giant straw man argument from the Governor's office there, and I don't think it will take any of you long to find it. But that's beside the point. The request from a student at the state's flagship university is for the Governor to come home and "deal with this." Or hell, deal with anything. The response from his office is pablum about taxes. This is the giant douchebag of a Governor we have in Louisiana.

16 October 2010

Time Killing Game of the Week 

I honestly don't even know what the object of this game is.

Bonus Chilean mineros video!

This mfer knows how to party


See here.

05 October 2010

Please don't go 

And now something completely different. A topic dear to my heart - Go Cups. Lafayette City-Parish Council is bringing up an ordinance tonight (for the second time) that would ban Go Cups from downtown bars. All logical-seeming arguments about reckless endangerment aside, go cups are a thing I would be quite sad to see go. I actually continue to use the argument that "I didn't know it isn't legal everywhere" when I walk out of a bar in any other state with drink in hand. Shameless, and seldom works, but at least they tend to laugh it off.

There's a story about it at the Independent: Will the 'go cup' ban go? It mentions an unnamed downtown business that is lobbying for the ban, and I've heard it is a certain Group that starts with an R and rhymes with Wusso. Why they are so passionate about eliminating go cups has yet to be determined, but I'll be watching for news on tonight's session.

What are they thinking? 

Since Mr. Prado has decided to repeatedly prod me about a post, I'm gonna double up.

I've noticed a bit of a parallel in my home state and current residence lately - the fact that the rest of the nation is a bewildered by the senate race standings. Not that this is restricted to Louisiana and Wisconsin, but I've seen a lot of commentary about each in recent weeks.

First an editorial from the Washington Times: The scandal card fails in Louisiana. Though some of the comments are lame, the point is that all Vitter has done to seemingly erase the scars of scandal has been to constantly evoke OBAMA and PELOSI in all caps. No matter that calling Melancon a steadfast liberal is a complete joke; anti-obama fervor is strong enough in Louisiana to defy all reason or fact.

Which brings us to the WI senate race. Senator Feingold is trailing Ron Johnson (amateur climatologist and recently accused abusive priest enabler) simply for being in the senate. Much has been made recently of Feingold ads where he actually supports recent healthcare legislation instead of running from it. Democrat Feingold runs ad touting health care vote. . I'm personally glad someone finally has the huevos to actually do this, but most people are scared for him. He'll win in Madison and other left-leaning cities, but its going to be a hard race in the rural counties.

04 October 2010


There's an election results analysis from the special for LT Gov and LA3 Republican runoff coming, but I can't post it yet. Too much Saints, drinking, and going to Las Vegas to get it done at the moment. I will be staying at the Hard Rock tomorrow night with nothing to do until Wednesday. Depending on whether or not I get my self some wifi from them tomorrow night AND don't spend it in random Vegas bars I may talk about turnout, tea partiers, and Sammy Kershaw. Otherwise don't expect anything else from here until Saturday. Unless AhQuoi gets on it.

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